The Process

When a prospective client contacts us, their intent is to get their brand free notoriety in various press mediums. The first step is to develop a coherent, cogent message that would logically attract press attention to the clients brand.

Next is to formulate the media communication strategy. It may be determined that a press event might be the most effective action. This could be a message event or a press conference or a combination of both. Then the event must be produced and implemented.

It may also be determined that the most efficient and effective way of message communication will be the client attending a previously established public event. Next would be the development and implementation of client participation.

The end result must be that in the short attention span the consumer of a particular medium is willing to give, the client’s message or brand must resonate simply, clearly and loudly, maximizing impact, insight and recognition.

In addition effective strategy may include writing press releases and exercising media relations or writing op/eds and activating placement in proper media outlets. Finally Free Media would follow up with media placement for client.