• The White House

    FMI produced official events for President William Jefferson Clinton and Vice President Al Gore, several of historic proportions. Production included media relations, security logistics, message articulation and diplomatic relations. Some of the events included the inauguration of South Africa President Nelson Mandela in Pretoria, The GATT signing in Marrakesh, Morocco and the first Chernomyrdin-Gore commission meeting in Moscow.
  • The Government of the Bahamas

    FMI created an international brand and investment marketing program for the Government of The Bahamas and Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham. Bringing new investment to the Islands of The Bahamas was a central plank in the Prime Minister’s 1992 campaign platform and delivering on this promise was crucial to his re-election in 1997.Twelve investment missions were organized in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. At each venue we arranged a complete program of seminars, media events, speaking opportunities, and private meetings with identified potential investors. Brand new marketing materials, such as videos, investment and trade brochures, and press kits were produced in eight languages. Our effort helped generate more than $20 million in investment.
  • Presidential Campaign Advance

    FMI has a long and extensive history of producing campaign events for Democratic candidates running for president of the United States. Projects included setting up rallies for Barack and Michelle Obama. FMI conceived all production and message articulation of rallies, integrating security logistics and media relations. FMI president Ron Goldstein was national advance director for Chris Dodd producing message articulation through campaign events including official kickoff announcement, debate prep, GOTV appearances and election night. FMI set up Bill Bradley’s kickoff announcement, debate prep and logistics as well as DNC logistics. Also FMI produced numerous events for John Kerry.
  • Senator Edward Kennedy

    Goldstein served as crucial swing congressional district coordinator for Senator Kennedy’s hotly contested 1994 re-election campaign. Mobilized campaign workers, public appearances, devised and implemented campaign strategy and targeted get out the vote operations in congressional bellwether district in which the congressional seat changed party hands several times (with same candidates/office holders). When appointed to post poll had incumbent senator down by 6 points and by election night district was won by 8.